Friday, 18 January 2019

SLJ - Day 5 - Week 1 - Activity 3

Activity 3: On your blog, post a description of life in New Zealand in 2018. Please remember that the people who read your post will have never been to New Zealand or even seen a picture so it is your job to ‘paint a picture’ of New Zealand using your words. You can also post pictures, if you wish. Be sure to fully attribute the pictures.

{ click on the word art to get a better view :) }

I created a word art to show how New Zealand was in 2018. 2108 was a bubbly year. I can't wait to see what 2019 holds for us!


  1. Hi Francesca...great to see you blogging on the SLJ. There's still some time to complete the activities before school begins - how many more can you get done? Keep up the great work.

  2. Good morning Francesca,

    What a wonderful word art creation you have here! I am very impressed with your efforts and the fabulous, descriptive words you have used. I also love that all of the words fit into a tree as New Zealand sure does have a lot of trees.

    New Zealand is very unique and beautiful. I see you have made clean and green the biggest writing in your word art, can you tell me what we can do as kiwis to ensure that our country stays clean and green? My goals for 2019 are to use beeswax wraps instead of glad wrap for my lunches and always use reusable bags at the supermarket.

    Well done on another great activity Francesca, awesome mahi.

    Nga mihi, Georgia.