Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Current Events

Current Events
       We are learning to retell what we read                         

Today I read news article about Kashtan the tiger. Check out what I found out below:

Who.. is involved in this event
Kashtan the tiger is involved, his two sisters and Amba his owner.
What.. happened
One of Kashe’s sister’s died. Kash got sick and Amba might not want to have Kash since he was sick, but she is making him better.
Where… did it happen
Milwaukee County Zoo.
When...did it happen
It happened when the three cubs were born.
How… did the event start
The Amur tiger cub and his three sisters were born in September at the Milwaukee County Zoo in Wisconsin.

Sketch note

Use the images around the sides, words and numbers to show how you solved the problem 11 x 64.

Place Value

Place Value Practice
We are learning to use place value partitioning to solve multiplication sums.

Tina came to school with 3 packets of biscuits. Each packet has 13 biscuits. How many biscuits does she have altogether?
How many people can Tina share her biscuits with?

Mrs Tofa went to dinner last night with her friends. It is $26.90 per person at Genghis Khan. If there were four of them, how much did they pay together?I went 26+26+26+26=104+90+90+90+90=464

Friday, 3 February 2017

About Me

About Me

Hi my name is Francesca. I am in Rata house and I am a year 6 at Glenbrae school. I am from Tonga but I was born in New Zealand. My favourite subjects are Maths, Reading and Writing, and my favourite sport is volleyball. I would like to be a doctor when I am older.

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