Thursday, 17 January 2019

Summer Leaning Journey - Day 1 - Activity 1

Activity 1: To learn more cool facts about New Zealand, check out the Tourism NZ website. Read the fun facts posted on the website and choose your ‘Top 3.’ On your blog, post your ‘Top 3 Fun Facts’ about NZ in your own words.


Fact 1) - The largest city in New Zealand is Auckland although its capital city is Wellington.

Fact 2) - New Zealanders are also called kiwis but kiwi is not a fruit. It is New Zealand’s native flightless bird.

Fact 3) - To become a New Zealand citizen, you must swear an oath of loyalty to Queen Elizabeth.

Three facts in my own words ~

1) Auckland is the biggest city even though Wellington is the capital of New Zealand.

2) NZders are called kiwis but its not a fruit its a native flightless bird.

3) To become a New Zealand Resident you must swear an oath of loyalty to the Queen.

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  1. Kia ora Francesca,

    My name is Mikey. I'm a member of the Summer Learning Journey team, along with Izzy, Patricia, Sophie and Lee. I'm so glad to see that you took part in this year's programme and kept your literacy learning going throughout the summer holidays. :)

    You've chosen some great fun facts about New Zealand (NZ). Well done on attempting to put them in your own words as well - I know it can be tricky when the sentences are so short.

    Visitors to NZ must get quite confused by the whole kiwi/kiwifruit thing. Have you ever seen a kiwi in real life? I've only ever seen them in the zoo.

    Bye for now. :)