Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year  by Adrienne Frater
We are learning to draw upon different sources of information to make meaning from a story.

Word in a sentence
by water or projecting out into a body of water.
a piece of land almost surrounded by water or projecting out into a body of water.

a seasonal prevailing wind in the region of South and Southeast Asia
A the rainy season accompanying the wet monsoon.       
fully developed physically; full-grown.
having reached the most advanced stage in a process.

Read this Article: 'Devastating' fire on Great Barrier Island and list the important facts below

When: Did the event take place:Tuesday Jan 22, 2013
Where: Did the event take place:Great Barrier Island.

What: has happened in this event?:Eleven volunteer fire officers responded initially but the remainder of the island's complement of trained firefighters were soon drafted in, meaning about 40 people were battling the blaze.

Why were the firefighters called:

Who: is involved:Firefighters,Mr Owen .

Why: Could this event have occurred:Someone lit a fire.

What: could the effects of this event be:Yes,because when the plant are dried the sun burns and it becomes a fire.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Japanese food

Today I tried lots of different food from Asia. I loved the seaweed chips because it was tasteful and crunchy. They looked like plain chips, but they added little seaweed pieces. They smelled like the chips that we have in New Zealand and they tasted a bit like this too. It kind of tasted like American chips, it was very salty a little sweet and crispy.
Image result for japanese chips

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


My Pepeha

                Tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou katoa

 Tena Koutou                                                Greetings
Ko Maungarei te Maunga                   My mountain is Maungarei
Ko Tahuna Torea  te Awa                          My river is Tahuna Torea
Ko Pacific te Moana                                                   My ocean is  Pacific
Ko Fokololo te Waka                            My boat is Fokololo
Ko  Teekiu te iwi                                       My tribe is Teekiu
Ko Tamaki Makaurau ahau               I live in Tamaki Makaurau
Ko Pein toku pāpā                                                    My father is Pein
Ko Siosiana toku māmā                                         My Mother is Siosiana
Ko Kalolaine toku ruau                                          My Grandmother is Kalolaine
Ko Gayle  toku whaea                                            My Aunty is Gayle Tali
Ko Jimmy Tali toku matua                                    My uncle is Jimmy Tali
Ko Francesca toku ingoa                                      My name is Francesca
                            Captain Cook's Landing Place

Ha'amonga 'a Maui Trilithon                 Captain Cook's Landing Place


Tuesday, 14 March 2017

cyber smart copyright

Today i learnt how to reference an image. Check out my image below and click the link to see where I found it.

monicore, 2015

Friday, 10 March 2017

My Summer Holiday

My Summer Holiday
Wow, in the holiday me and my church went to the beach because it was nearly school.So when we got there we had to set up the volley ball net and so we played then the mom’s was playing rugby.

Then we all got changed and went for a swim for 2 hours.Then we got changed and started to eat and then we played some activities for kids and then we had bbq for lunch and then we all went to the shower because we went for a swim again.

At last we all packed up and went home to sleep because we were going to my aunty house the next day to get our uniform.

Water Worries

Water Worries by Rachel McMillan
We are learning about the water cycle and its use

What are some of the things you use water for in your daily life:
We use it for drinking, washing, cooking, showering, car wash, watering the garden, cleaning etc

What can you do to reduce the amount of water that you use?
We should be conserving the water. We can use water wisely instead of wasting it eg. is to hand wash the dishes rather than using the dishwasher.  

Why do we need to conserve water:
 We cannot survive without water and because saving water helps to preserve our environment
How are we polluting the water:
We are putting chemicals down the drain and rubbish gets into the drains and into the sea.
  1. What can people do to reduce their water use:
Take a shorter shower.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Effects of Air pollution

We went on a field trip around the playground and used a clean paper towel to wipe objects and surfaces.  This is what we found.

I went and wiped this clean paper from a car exhaust and this was the result of air pollution from vehicles.

Image result for car exhaust pollution

Screenshot 2017-03-01 at 1.05.04 PM.png