Friday, 25 May 2018

Creating Animated Stories in Digitech

In Digitech we have been leaning how to code digitech Animated Stories

The following are some of the tasks that we have completed in class.

  • Context Brainstorm
  • Needs and Opportunities Brainstom
  • Attributes Mindmap
  • Conceptual Statemaent
  • Specifcation
  • Design Ideas - Backdrops, Sprites, Story Ideas
My Animated Story
I will create an Animated Story Relating to 'the neighbourhood'.

Animated Story Example

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Soccer ⚽

Today 16 May 2018 half of the Glenbrae student, Teacher aids, Teachers and I went to soccer to represent our school. When I entered school some of the students were ready to put there t-shirts on. After I put on my t-shirt, my team and I had to walk to the bus and drive off to the Pt England reserve.

When we arrived there, school’s were warming up. Our first game was against Panmure Bridge. As we were playing and kicking the ball it was Glenbrae 0 and Panmure 0.

Our second game was against Sylvia park. While we were playing and passing the ball to each other, Sylvia Park just keep coming up and stealing the ball. When the game finished, the score was 5 to Sylvia park and 0 to Glenbrae School.

  After our second game, we had a rest before we headed out to play our third game. Our third game was against Stone field, but my favorite part was kicking the ball into the goal. But sadly I got no goal. The year 7 & 8 tried to get a goal but did not happen, so sadly we had 0 point and Stone field had 5 as there score.

At last we were so happy that we got to Vs Panmure Bridge. It was so fun that we got kick the ball a lot of time. I was so tired that I couldn't run so fast. When it was finished I kicked the ball and nearly hit’s a little boy. The score was 0 to Panmure Bridge and 0 to Glenbrae School.

Today was so fun that I wanted to play 3 more rounds before going back home. But the most funniest part of today, was when my cousin fell on top of this little boy from Panmure Bridge.

By Francesca

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Mihi presentation

Term 1 mihi presentation

Today Glenbrae school went down to the hall for our Mihi presentation. When we sat down we went in the order which we were given. The first class up the stage was Rm 1 then Rm 7, Rm 4, Rm 10, Rm 5 and finally Rm 9. No one was shy to present there Mihi. At last the school got send back to there class Rm’s.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Finding about each other.

Finding about each other.

Our class is doing activities about the 2018 New Zealand census. Today we investigated about the languages spoken in our class. This is what we found out.

What languages do i speak?
English, togna, samoan.
What languages do we peak at home?
English, togna.
How many of us speak maori?
2 Jusdean,kupid
How many of us speak one languages?
7- English
How many of us speak more than one languages?
16 -  English,maori,samoan,tongan,ct maori,fijian,hindi.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Two weeks term 1

Two weeks term 1

I felt so happy to come back to
school because it was so boring that
we had to do chores before going out.
I even felt sad because my
little puppy died in Tonga before we came
because it got ran over
by a car.

New Events

New Events?

  • kiwi can
  • Swimming
  • Kiwi sport
  • Toi Toi
  • Water fun day
  • Music
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • trips

Term 1 goal

Term 1 goal

My goal for term one is to be on task and to set an example. My other goal is to do sports to Represent Glenbrae School
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