Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 Day 3

Tack-Activity 1

Now that you have chosen your country it is time to start planning your trip. One of the first things you will need to do is to buy an airplane ticket. There are many, many airlines that fly around the world. Some of the most common are:
Air Canada Air New Zealand
C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Air Canada logo.png                                C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Air New Zealand image.png

Emirates             Air Asia
C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Emirates logo.png                 C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Air Asia logo.png
When you get onto the airplane you will be asked to watch a short safety video that tells you how to stay safe when flying in a plane. Arguably, the best aiplane safety videos are produced by Air New Zealand.
Activity 1
Watch both of the current Air New Zealand safety videos. The first is a video that stars the All Blacks. The second is a video that stars Rhys Darby and Anna Faris (Hollywood actress).  Links for the videos are found below:
Air New Zealand Men In Black’ video
Air New ZealandSafety in Hollywood’ video

Once you have finished watching the videos, go to your blog and list three things that you need to do to stay safe on an airplane.
*Clip your set belt pull the side to buckle it tight and if the airplane stop flick the set belt to hop of.
* If a mask from overhead pull it down place it over your moth and nose pull the straps on each side then breath normal.
*Beside your set pull the life jacks and rip the the bag and put it on blow it up.


  1. Hi Francesca!

    Welcome to the Summer Learning Journey!! I am so excited to see that you have joined us this year. It's wonderful :)

    I also love to see that you have watched the Air New Zealand Safety videos and identified three important rules for riding on a plane.

    Arguably, the most important rule is the first one that you listed - you must wear a seat belt for take off and landing. You can remove your seat belt by releasing the clasp and hopping up.

    You have also noted the importance of breathing normally into your mask and putting on a life jacket, in the case of an emergency.

    Well done Francesca! This activity was a bit tricky but you've managed to do it very well!

    Of the two videos that you had to watch for this activity, which one did you prefer? I preferred the 'Men in Black' video but Aronui (my son) liked the 'Safety in Hollywood' version. He thought that it was funnier!

    Keep up the work with these activities, Francesca :)


  2. Hi Francesca,

    Once again, great blog. Keep up the solid effort because I am really enjoying reading your blogs!

    I wonder, if you made a rule for a plane, what would it be?

    I hope you're having a lovely holiday,