Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Yummy cake maths

Today we leaned about fraction's and decimals.We cut the cake into 10 little slices each slice is called a tenth and then we had to pick a number of slice so if we had five slice it would be 0.5 or 5/10.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Serious Subtraction 3

  Serious Subtraction
We are learning to solve subtraction problems using whole and decimal numbers.

Times Table Practice:

3 x 3 =6    5 x 5 =25     8 x 7 =56    12 x 10 =120   4 x 6 =24     5 x 7 =35    2 x 4 =8     3 x 8 =24    9 x 8 =72   4 x 7 =28  9 x 7 =63

Your sister gives you $125 to spend on lollies. If you spend $65.50 how much money would you have left over?
Davarni has bought Salote a new puppy. She has $500 in her bank account as she heads to the shops.

She first buys a dog bed for $60. 90 How much money does she have left?

She then buys a bowl for $25. 50  How much does she have left?

Then she buys 3 chew toys. Each toy costs $3.50. How much does she have left?
3.50 x 3 = 10.50

Finally she buys a diamond collar for the dog which costs $178. How much is left in her account at the end of the day?

Simeon’s python has become ill and needs to go to the vets. Simeon has $100 in his wallet.
The cost of the vet visit is $65.75. How much money is left in Simeon’s wallet?

AJ is also at the vet with his rabbit. His rabbit has had expensive surgery. If AJ has 10.25 left in his bank account and he started with $525.80, how much did the surgery cost?

Francesca’s puppy is growing every month. He used to weigh 5.67 kg but he know weighs 6.34kg. How much weight has he put on?

What is 5.676 - 1. 558?


How to look after your GSD

How to look after a…

Introduction:   My mammal is a German Shepherd Dog or also known as the Alsatian in Britain and Ireland.  They  usually live for 9 - 13 years.  They’re large and powerful dogs and they are also among the most popular breeds in the world.  GSD often used as a police and military dog.  A mix of beige and black is the most common colour type for German shepherds, but solid black and solid white shepherds also exist.
What is this animal? How long does it usually live for?
German shepherd dog
9-13 years
Large and powerful
Mixed colour
Solid black or solid white

Diet:  GSD eats raw meat and bones, canned or dry dog food as well.  For the puppies under 8 months it’s important to feed them with crushed animal bones, pieces of chopped liver and raw eggs.  You can either feed your dog once or twice a day and if you leave the food in the bowl it’s only once. Food can bought from a Pet shop or any Supermarket.
What does it eat? Where do you get the food from? How often should it be fed?
  • Raw meat
  • Raw bones
  • Canned or dry dog food
  • Crushed animal bones, pieces of chopped liver, and raw eggs for 8 months and under (puppies)
  • Local supermarket
  • Pet shop
  • Twice a day or once if food is left in their bowl
  • 2 bowls (1 for feed and 1 for water)
  • Food and water bowls
  • Food
  • Dog brush
  • Dog shampoo
  • Collar and lead
  • Toys – e.g. a chew toy, a ball
  • Flea and worm treatment
  • Sunscreen if your dog has a white or pink nose
  • A bed, kennel or crate
  • Registration tag
  • Poop bags
  • Play pen or baby gate (for puppies)

Habitat:  GSD is found living only in places where people have made as their homes.  They can live together with us or even outdoor so long they are nice,  warm and well protected.  Some people may even have their GSD sleep in the house.
Where should it live - in a cage, tank, indoors/outdoors? Does it need to be kept warm/ cold? How often does its cage need cleaning?
Outdoor and must be warm
Sleep in it’s house

Exercise/ Entertainment:  GSD will need at least 2 walks a day.  So think about the leash because you’ll need 1 short and a long one for training, learning the command and come.  The main thing is proper care.  Toys in pet stores are all different types such as balls, rings,  cords for pulling, frisbee and toys that can be filled with a treat, bones and more.
Does it need to be taken on walks/ toys to play with?
We need to take it for lots of walk’s (twice a day)
Leash (1 short and 1 long)
It needs toys
Need lots of training

Health:  First aid kit is necessary for your dog. They need lots of room to play around and get trained like your backyard. We need to keep them all clean, healthy, well-fed and cheerful and you can finally and play with them! They need to bathe once or twice a week.  You must teach potty training so they never pee or poop inside the house.  
Do they need lots of rooming? Do they need potty training or bathing?
Yes they need lots of room
They need to get trained
Must teach potty training
Bath at least once or twice a week
First aid kit

Socialising:  Most GSD are fine with other family pets and they do get along so well with human.
Does your pet like to live alone or with other animals? Does it get along with humans well? Does it get along with other animals?
My pet live’s with my other dog
Not all animals get along

Conclusion: If you want a GSD then you have to think about it first and think about the cost of a GSD.
what are some main things to think about if you want to buy this pet. You might want to add in about vet bills here as well.
Always ask to the person you are with

$325.00 or $1,500 or $1,200 $1,580

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