Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Day 2

Today the weather was rather not fine enough for us to do our given activity's. In the morning group 1 went to kayaking, group 2 went bush crafting and group 3 went team building. Team building was fun because our activity was Team knot, getting to the other end without not falling in to the lava and solving puzzles. Then we swapped activity and went to bush crafting while we were at bush crafting we went and learnt how to set up the tents and grab branches to do our fire to make hot chocolate. When it came to our turn to go kayaking we couldn't go because the weather was bad so we went swimming in the pools. When finished we got changed and watched lorax and then we had chick pea curry with Maori bread and then we went to sleep.

Monday, 9 September 2019

Day 1

Today was especial for room 7 because we had camp. When we got to school we had packed our bags and said our farewells and hopped on the bus. On our way we were playing music and dancing on the bus, our first stop was at Whangarei to have a quick munch. Then we arrived at Teiteiri of Waitangi, we were then introduced to Chris and Magness and then we were welcomed into the marae when we were in the marae we were showed the dances and games from back in the days. When they had finished we had done a Maori performer and then took some photos and learnt about the three flags and to see the longest waka in New Zealand. We then we on the fairy to Russell to where we were staying, when we got to our camp we were told our groups for our cabins so we all quickly went and took our bags into our cabins, and then we came back out and did an activity with our groups. After that, we done our reflection and then had Fish and chips for dinner and then we had a good night sleep.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Technology Wood

I have chosen to make a Jewelry Tree for my mum. I think this is the best choice, because she has to many Jewelry's and at home. I think this is the best choice because this would be really useful for her. It would be used in the bed room. She will be using earrings and necklaces. For this project I will have to consider sandpaper before varnishing to have a beautiful glossy look.

Friday, 2 August 2019

The Amazing Life of Circle

The Amazing Life of Circle

Life first started in the ocean about three and a
half billion years ago. About 425 million years ago
life began to move to the land, vegetation had
covered the earth. The amazing circle of life is basically
about how earth had so many animals
that loved their habitats. 

Over millions of years there was an amazing variety
of habitats and physical environments. This enabled the
diversity of life forms to grow rapidly fast.
We use a microscope to see things that we can’t see.
When we walk around we can’t see those little creatures. 

Fraction Test

Today in Room 7 we had a maths. We were doing a test in maths about fractions and today we had done our test on a Google forms to test how much we have learnt in fractions.

The link for the video is on our class site.
Click Here

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Maths Measurement

One point for each correct answer

1 km = 1000 m
3 metres = 3000 mm
1.5 tonnes = 1500 kg
13 hours = 46800  seconds
2 years = 730  days
1.25 litres = 1250 ML
1 leap year = 366  days
2 fortnights = 28 days
1 week = 168  hours

How many hundredths in 3.5? - 00.35
How many tenths in 89? - 0.89
How many thousandths in 2.4? - 000.89
7.33 + 0.98 = 8.31
.89 - .7 = 0.19
3.23 - 1.65 = 1.58
8.54 - 2.79 = 5.75
.5 X 6 = 3
.8 X 3 = 2.4
¾ of 120 = 90
5/7 of 350 = 250
⅔ of 180 = 120

What is this shape? - Pentagon
What is this shape? - Hexagon

Draw an octagon:
Draw a hexagon:

Image result for hexagon

Maths problem

  1. Tim’s trip
It’s 7km from Tim’s house to where his Grandma lives.
It’s uphill on the way there so he can only cycle at 14 kph
but he can do 21 kph on the way back.
Tim leaves his house at 6pm.
How long can he stop at his Grandma’s house if
he wants to be back home for his favourite
TV programme at 7pm?

So Tim has an hour to travel back and forth to
his grandma’s house with in an hour as well as his
spending time with nana.
30 mins on his way their = 14kph
20 mins on his way back = 21 kph
10 mins with Nana
It took Tim longer to get to his Nena’s house because
he was travelling uphill on a slower speed.

Term 1 Writing - Poetry/Recounts and Speeches

Image result for poetryImage result for 3 points
What is poetry?
Poetry is a type of literature, or artistic writing, that attempts to stir a reader's imagination or emotions.
Where do you read poems?
Google, Library, school & home
List down two famous poets from around the world.
William Shakespeare & Emily Dickinson
List down two famous poets from New Zealand.
Janet Frame & Selina Tusitala Marsh
Image result for recountImage result for 3 points
Recounts are awesome. Your experiences can be told in words to capture your readers and take them on a journey with you.
Task - Write a recount about the worst birthday you have ever had
To be honest, I’ve never experienced having a bad birthday. Each year, on my birthday I get to celebrate it with my family which I’m grateful for.  I wouldn’t recall a time having a boring birthday.
Image result for 3 pointsImage result for speech title
Speech writing is a very valuable skill. When you have the ability to write speeches you can argue your way through your words. Lawyers do that all the time.
Task - Write a one minute speech about one of these topics
  • Teachers should be paid more money
Teachers should be paid more because teachers do a lot of hard work. It even gets up to a stage where they stress because it’s to much, but they are willing to help us kids succeed in life and for our future. Adding on to that, teachers don’t get enough money for what they’re dealing with. Becoming a teacher is a handful because without the teachers there will be no future for us.

  • We should have a Mcdonalds restaurant at every school
I don’t think there should be a Mcdonalds because it’s unhealthy for the kids. Mcdonalds have a lot of fat food, this can cause kids to be obese. Kids should stick to eating healthy and it will help us focus at school. Eating the right food will help us learn even better.

  • Driving skills should be taught at primary school
No I go against this. I go against this because I think primary kids are to young to be driving around. Driving should start at a certain age because by then you’ll be much mature. Right now, primary kids should just be focusing on their school life before jumping into wanting to drive.

  • Glenbrae School should have no uniform
In my opinion I think this shouldn’t occur. This is because having our uniform makes us look smarter. And we can be a smart school. Not wearing uniform makes us not look tidy and how all schools should be. To conclude this wearing your uniform shows pride to your school.

  • Every student should have a free day off school each week

This event shouldn’t happen because kids need to come to school everyday and learn, not unless they have a valid reason to come off school. But I highly recommend coming to school as it would benefit us and our future.

Term 2 Inquiry ~ Our Community

Below are some iconic places in our local community. Take some time to find out more information about these places. This will help you develop a deeper understanding of the history of our local community.

Image result for 3 points 3 points for each local icon
Local icon
Tamaki College logo. This logo is on every students uniform at Tamaki College.
This is Selwyn College. This college is named after George Augustus Selwyn the first shop in New Zealand. It is owned by Anglican Diocese of Dunedin.
This is foursquare near the meat shop. But recently it’s name was changed into a toiletry & plastic place.
This is the gas station in front of McDonalds. There is also a subway inside of this gas station.
Mad Butcher is in Glen Innes right next to the Great Tongs Takeaway shop.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Maths Warm up

Image result for basic factsImage result for 3 points
3 points for basic facts. All answers must be correct

22 X 5 = 110
91 X 7 = 637
18 X 8 = 144
21 X 12 = 252
32 X 29 = 928
12 X 63 = 756
5 X 72 = 360
18 X 7 = 126
12 X 36 = 432
582 = 29
27 9 = 3
2412 = 2
564 = 14
808 = 10
10912 = 9.83
459 = 5
525 + 29 = 554
823 + 7 = 830
323 + 92 = 415
3214 + 422 = 3636
621 +9218 = 9839

Guess who

Picture of person
Who it is
What they are famous for
Julie Andrewsa
She’s an oscar - winning
actress and singer famous for
her roles in ‘Mary Poppins’ and
‘The Sound of Music’.
Edorado Windsor
who is known as Prince Edward
Prince Edward is famous for
being the Queen’s son which
made him third in the line for
the throne when he was born.
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy was the
35th president of the United
states. He was later on
Jim Bolger
Jim Bolger is a Former Prime
Minister and New Zealand’s
politician of the National Party
who was the 35th Prime Minister
of New Zealand.
Helen Clark
She was a politician and
university teacher.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
He is  a American actor, filmmaker,
businessman and  former professional
Paula Bennett
Paula Bennett served as the Deputy
Prime Minister of New Zealand
between December 2016 and
October 2017
Neil Finn
He is a New Zealand songwriter
and a musician.
Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela is the
former president of South Africa.
He served from 1994 to 1999.
Melania Trump
She was president Trump’s wife,
which meant she was also the first
lady. Not only that, but she is in
the modelling industry.
Richie McCaw
He use to be a New Zealand
rugby player who competed in a
world-record 148 Test
matches and led his
country’s national team,
the All Blacks.
Whina Cooper
Whina Cooper ONZ DBE was a
respected kuia, who worked for
many years for the rights of her
Alan Gratz
Alan Gratz is a famous
book writer.
Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson is a Famous
New Zealand Film Director.
Jannie Van Hees
She’s an New Zealand author
who works for Auckland
UniServices Ltd, University
of Auckland.