Friday, 4 August 2017

Facts about GI

Glen Innes gets it name from a farmer named William Innes Taylor.
Glen Innes was made/found around 1840.
There are around 2000 people who live in glen Innes,most of them are girl.

There were four Taylor brother in acland the sons of a British man who had had a military career in India.

Three of the brothers had farms in this area and built houses; William Innes Taylor at Glen Innes, Richard James Taylor at Glendowie and Charles John Taylor at Glen Orchard (now Saint Heliers).

The main streets in Glen Innes are Catching a road, Taniwha Street and Apirana Avenue, which meet in the shopping centre of the suburb. Glen Innes has a train station on the Eastern Line of the Auckland rail network, and is a hub for eastern Auckland isthmus buses (Metrolink).

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