Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Giant at the playground

Giant  at the playground  

One day there was a family that lived in the woods and they were very poor and had no food to eat. There were   two brothers and three sisters. The children always went hunting in order for them to live.  The next day they went to the park and they saw a very big hairy giant walking towards them.  Everyone was screaming and ran home and told their parents about the ugly hairy giant.

Next they had an idea to get the gold from the giant so one of them was distracting the giant by teasing him while the  others were  are digging and collecting the golds. The giant found out and got really furious and angry, he screamed out, “I’m coming to get you all, and I will eat you alive for my dinner.”  The ugly giant didn’t know that they were digging a hole and covered it with leaves so that  he would fall into that hole. So when the giant chased after them he fell in the hole and died.  The children ran home happily and told their parents about the giant and how he died.

At the end, this poor family were so excited and took the gold and bought them  a new house, new vehicle and  there thing.  They became rich and lived happily ever after.Image result for giant childrens

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