Thursday, 11 August 2016

francesca Reading Response Journal

Reading Response Journal

Title: Symphony under the stars

Author: Cynthia Todd Mcguire

Today I read about Sarah by the age of ten she started playing violins

I feel happy about what I read today because Sarah favourite musical instrument is a violin and she plays it in concert

My favourite character was Sarah because she loves violins like I do and she is good at playing

I would feel excited if the same thing that happened to my character, happened to me because I will play in front of an audience in a concert

I think if the author decided to write another part to this story this is what will happen she became a famous person in the world and start playing her favourite instrument in different countries

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  1. Hi Francesca,
    I really loved your reading response and how you explained what you read and I also enjoyed how you put a lot of information and the font you added...