Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey Week 1 Day 4 Activity 2

Task - Activity 2
Before you start packing your suitcase you will want to create a list of everything that you will need to bring with you. Most airlines let you bring one big suitcase with you so you’ll have to think carefully about what you want to bring… 
On your blog site, post a list of everything that you need to pack for your trip. Put a star (*) beside the 5 items that you think are the most important. 
What to take: ⬇

5x Clothes (Underwears, Sock and 1/2 x Blanket)*
Pocket Money*


  1. Hi Francesca,

    I am pretty sure that you've posted your answer for Day #4, Activity #2 but, unfortunately, I am struggling to read the font. When I sign onto your blog there are large, white rectangles covering the writing. It might just be my computer but I'd really appreciate it if you would consider hopping online and checking it from your end. Do you see the same white rectangles?

    If so, could you please remove them as I'd love to see what you are going to pack for your trip to Australia. I'm sure that you've thought of everything you will need!

    Thanks :)


  2. Hi Francesca,

    I am also struggling to read your work, please fix it up.


  3. Hi Francesca! I had to highlight your answer with my mouse to read it also. It looks like you've selected a white background instead of your usual dark red/brown colour.

    I have read your answer though and think it's quite good. I wonder what you could bring that can show you some maps, help you communicate, help you translate, help you keep track of your money, take pictures, and listen to music? It is kind of on your list already, I just wonder if you know it can do all of these very useful things.


  4. Hi there Francesca,

    I'm Von a year 7 student from S.P.X school. It looks like your ready to go! Nice job for complete this task and Keep up the great blogging!

    Fantastic work and Keep it up :)

  5. Hi Francesca!

    It is the last day of blogging so I thought I would say hello and thank you for participating in the Summer Learning Journey. It has been really cool reading all your blogs and I hope you have a great year this year at school.

    I hope that you can face all the challenges that come at you this year with a strength and will to do your very best in everything you do.

    Kia kaha,